Kenyatta University Student Earns Big From Custom Accessories


Gibson Lewa/

The art of entrepreneurship is diverse and versatile. With a pair of scissors in hand, he uses super glue, a crochet hook, a knitting needle, and multicolored rags stuffed in a plastic bag to make amazing creations. Gibson Lewa, a 4th Year student at Kenyatta University, is always ready for outlandish requess from clients, customizing almost anything.

From watches, clutch bags, bowties, men, and women shoes to hoodies, he can modify them to suit your fashion style or swag. Using various colors, he customizes wristwatches with a touch of modern Ankara style to bring out gorgeous looking watches. Applying the same skill to bow ties, shoes and clutch bags, the final outcome is a creation of beauty and flair. His artistic talent and skills position him on the verge of future success.

“I collect these pieces of rags with different colors from your ordinary tailor after he’s cut them loose from the main cloth and tossed them away-probably for no use,’ he says. A closer look at the said rags reveals that they are of different bright colors ranging from blue, red, purple, yellow, orange and a sometimes a broad combination of various colors.

“I don’t care about what the tailors in the small joints I enter think of me. They think this is a waste (pointing to the rags stuffed in his bag). What they don’t know is that I pay my bills from the money I get after transforming these unwanted pieces of clothing into something good,” he adds.

While the understanding behind great entrepreneurship is founded on huge capital investments, sometimes you don’t need that financial support at all. Turning tiny pieces of clothing into money, Lewa proves that the basic, and perhaps the most important thing you need to grow is the skill. The financial capability will only act as a secondary supplement. Many college students rely on their parents to meet their needs. But not all of them have financially stable parents who can support them throughout the semester hence the need to explore other sources of income.

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Career 101: Why Responding to ‘Negative’ Emails is Crucial

An email response from the human resource department to your earlier application reads, in part, “Thank you for your interest in IT Management position at TG Communications Ltd-not a real company. We owe our applicants adequate and professional communication regarding their effort in search of these limited job opportunities and we appreciate your endeavor.

However, we regret that your application DIDN’T make it to the next stage of this process. We’ve recognized your skills, knowledge and work experience and we hope to consider you for related future opportunities.

We have your contacts on the resume and are willing to engage you should any position become vacant in our department or any other pertinent prospect. We wish you well in your venture to gain growth.”  

With an assumption that you didn’t have high hopes on getting that position, or it was just a ‘by-the-way, let me shoot at this opportunity,’ your next step before clicking the Sign Out button will determine whether or not you possess some soft skills in professional communication.

Of course, I’m talking about replying to that negative email-the one that didn’t arouse excitement in you! It’s common and more so normal to receive such kinds of responses when we apply for jobs. The answer will always be either a big Yes or No. Funny enough, the negation part is most of the time in bold!

Some of you are right now wondering, ‘why should I respond to an email from a company that has just denied me a job?’ Well, think about the following;

  1. What if the chosen candidate doesn’t take the job?

It’s possible, it has happened before. If you came in second during the selection process, the HR will mostly gesture you for the position, after reviewing your qualifications


  1. Circumstantial; the firm decides to reopen the job search

The optics of rehiring an employee mostly circle around his/her behavior or attitude towards the company. And that grateful attitude can just land you the job.


  1. The firm decides to hire two people/An assistant is needed

To avoid job strain, an assistant IT manager could be in need. And flipping through your resume, it’s discovered that you fit that position.


It’s appropriate to simply write back, ‘Thank you for that decision and I look forward to future opportunities in your firm.’ 




2018: New Kenyan Albums to Be In the Spotlight

Image result for red acapella

Red Acapella/

2017 was a bit unsettling for most Kenyan artists following the all-year political hullabaloo, which kept most musicians under the ‘wait and see’ type of setting. For this reason, many opted to either reschedule or recoil the release dates for their music.

Here are some of the artists in 2018 who have promised great music this year


The duo chanted ‘Ona Sasa’ as their new song on social media platforms and TV shows which hyped their new  Acapella and Afro-fused music style. Speaking on 10over10 show, the two hinted at a new album before December. Let’s hope they’ll be featuring more new artists on that album

Image result for sauti sol

sauti sol

With Melanin and Girl Next Door, two of their new music having already seen the light of the day, the 2014 Best African Act winner could be tailoring their latest LP, Afrikan Sauce, to reinvent themselves after last years’ controversy which almost tilted their fan base. The band comprehends that they may lose a few fans, one lane no musician would dare cross!

  1. SERRO
Image result for hulda serro


After ‘Rongai’ and a couple of other soulful songs, Hulda Serro, one of the newest Soul/RnB artist in the 254 zone has tipped on gracing 2018 with  an EP, the very first project she hopes to have accomplished after graduating with a Music Production degree from Kenyatta university last year

Image result for ukoo flani


Believe it or not, this group will be making a comeback in 2018 with a new album. Key among the artists to be featured on the new album include Mombasa’s finest freestyler and lyricist-Kaa La Moto and a decade-long hip-hop heavyweights-Jimwat among othersThe group disclosed the over 10-year-old silence on the Trend with one of their members

Image result for MDQ KENYA


‘Kenyan Message’ and ‘Suzie Noma’ are just among the list of tracks off her new album, SHE, which is yet to be launched this year. Muthoni sounds like she has changed her social engagements in support of the girl child with her song Suzie Noma and a direct hit on the bad and corrupt Kenyan leadership, which is portrayed lyrically in the Kenyan Message. Can’t wait to hear what the rest of the album holds 

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Noti Flow Teams Up With Prezzo for a Peace Song


Once again Prezzo has teamed up with the ever controversial Nairobi Diaries actress cum rapper Noti Flow, not for bad reasons, but for a peace song. The new hit dubbed Tupendane, which features the two rappers, has a strong message of peace following the current intense political climate in the country.

Everyone will admit that since August 8th, the kind of push and pull starting with the annulment of the elections by the Supreme Court to the segregation that followed the repeat polls have all raised the political heat in the country.

Produced by Sappy MusicLab and the video choreographed by  Redfellas, Tupendane which translates to love one another, has a direction to maintain love, peace and unity and relinquish ourselves off the kind of hatred and divisive chitchat  being spread by politicians

It’s true that music is a universal language and musicians can play a big role in bringing people together during times of crisis.



Finance:How to Make ksh. 5000 Daily Through Digital Marketing

It started with an invite from Twitter- a short but detailed piece of information on how cash in from social media platforms. Within the details were the message itself ( what in this case I would call the invitation), a phone number and the amount one could start earning immediately they joined the business.

At first glance, I thought it was a job opportunity! Having no job at that moment, I shifted my head in the ACCEPTANCE  direction and swung into action.

The Preparation

 The following morning, I met my invitee in town following the specific directions to the venue as it had been highlighted earlier. True to the point was the set training session that was just about to kick off. 

After 2 hours of vigorous explanations with break points of Q&A, I had made up my mind because of the opportunity I had seen in that line of business. Some will say, ‘Looking at the bigger picture’. Perfect!

The Process

How does it work? One may ask. Its simple; network marketing- Multi-Level Marketing to be specific- involves direct sell of products to customers whom in turn become distributors of the same product leading to an expansive downline chain of customers.The good thing about this business is the accumulated commission, and much of the work is done over the internet-using your smartphone.

Our highest earner Fredrick Havy boasts of more than 7 accounts each being credited with more than Ksh. 48,000 daily. He’s been in business for just 8 months and started with just Ksh. 3000 daily! Believing is a CHOICE but hard work pays. 

After reading this, I’m sure you’ve developed interest in this line of business and are eager to know more. 

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Women Who Make Over $60 An Hour for Cuddling

On my list of the top ten weirdest jobs on the planet, this one stands out as the creepiest. Most probably, if narrowed down to the current developments in the social world, one wouldn’t opt for this kind of work-cuddling

Just what does snuggling entail? Well, for starters, cuddling or snuggling as defined by Google means holding closely in one’s arms as a way of showing love or affection. True to the definition is what one, Janet Trevino, a 37-year-old from Texas, USA does as a business and I must say…the business is booming!

For just one hour, she makes a little over 65 US Dollars for simply cuddling her clients who are mostly men. Why men? You may ask. She says male clients are specific to the tune of snuggling because they haven’t ‘touched’ another person for a lengthy period of time. The best conclusion here is that these men most likely never hitched or had massive breakups when entering the ‘dating age’

The cuddling process may include; hugging, holding hands, massaging lightly, resting/sleeping while in close non-sexual positions and/or a simple conversation. Five things which a couple does on a daily basis being monetized!

         Keeping It Professional

Although this is one new kind of job, professional cuddling corporates like Cuddle Comfort and Snuggle Buddies have been offering these services for quite some time and one can actually work for them, as a professional Cuddler.  One a wide range, cuddling relieves stress and brings joy to the Cuddlist-one being cuddled. Moreover, he/she feels loved and accepted, a concept which many spouses will agree with.

           Getting Started

Becoming a private professional Cuddler doesn’t require much of capital like other businesses. In fact, all you need is the heart to do the business. Inviting strangers to your house for one-hour sessions doesn’t require any high-end resources unless you’re planning on going big-which would mean starting your own company. Samantha Hess while in college got into this business to pay for her tuition and care for her son. It worked; though with too much criticism surrounding her secret business which she conducted within the college premises.





2017’s Quick Lucrative Channels for Campus Students


Daniel KU


The year kicked off harshly for almost everybody and that was no exception for campus students. But with change in the surrounding, comes change in one’s way of life. Following the tough, financially-deplete periods of the semester, students as usual, devised some quick ways of creating extra cash for them. Among them include;

Selling of Movies

Unlike traditionally, with free WI-FI in the institution, downloading of movies is very easy and fast. ‘Torrenting’, a term which refers to acquiring, storing and then sharing internet files, I guess fits the description. Sites are available on the Nets where such data can be obtained. Flash Disks are in huge demand because they facilitate quick sharing of such movies which only go for ksh.30

Hawking Items in the Hostels 

This is absolutely a new phenomenon in any campus but with the hard times, students-mostly male- had the guts to walk from one hostel to the other with items like biscuits, lollipops and sweets firmly held in their hands or securely bagged. Fear doesn’t have any room when a man is hungry.

Fruitful Political Nominations 

They just ended two months ago and guys made good use of them. Lucrative opportunities included distributing campaign posters on the road side, acting as ‘agents’ for a particular candidate and signing up new members. Here, one could make not less than ksh.800 in a day depending on the job assigned.

Typing and Printing 

If you have a laptop , good for you! This is actually the opportune moment for you to make extra cash by simply sticking your fingers on the keyboard! It worked. There’re those ‘lazy’ students who ‘don’t have time to type their assignments’. This is a favorable time for ‘keyboard warmers’ to roll in and unfold their skills. A one page typed work will sell between ksh.20 and ksh.40 depending on the spacing, font and subject

Online Marketing Sites

With several clicks, you can get up to ksh.50 everyday and make withdrawals on Friday and Saturday on the site cited as ‘’, which is a digital corporate marketing venue. The website offers three tiers- the starter, business Basic, and Business Premium. Both business basic and premium require upgrading which comes at a small charge. Other marketing sites exist but offer direct referrals through the mentioned social media site.



6 Facts About the Middle Class you May Not Have Known




Forget about the cheap hype on media, slowly turn around and accompany me on this trail as I highlight just what the Kenyan middle class of today ascertains the kind of lifestyle that fits them.

They Always Take Their Rage on Social Media, Especially Twitter

Ever heard of Kenyans On Twitter, or simply ≠KOT? It’s no doubt that social media is one wide channel that best accommodates the middle class. And they love it! Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram-sometime abbreviated as IG- you name it. The moment an occurrence either in the social or political arena happens, you won’t miss finding lengthy discussions on the cited accounts.

The one dominated most is Twitter, where hashtags are quickly bred in a bid to suit the status quo.

Most Rarely Bother To Know Their Neighbors

I must commence this by mentioning the ‘Nyumba Kumi’ initiative- a spirited effort by the government to ensure every person knows fully at least ten neighboring individuals. Did it work in the middle-class sections? I don’t think so. These guys only bother to know their close neighbors if they’re their relatives or workmates. Period.

They Spend On Average Ksh.24, 000- Ksh.200, 000 Every Month

These are statistics obtained from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KeBS), therefore, some truth holds within them. So, gloating over a salary below Ksh.20, 000 and mingling with the middle-class guys will make you rethink your friendship.

They Are the Reason We Have Expansive Constructions Going On In Our Cities

The majority of houses being built in the city are 1-3 bedroom apartments with rental prices ranging from Ksh.10, 000 to Ksh.40, 000 depending on where the house is. Surprisingly, you’ll find 1-2 bedroom houses in slum areas and guess who can afford that…

 Majority Opt For Private Education and Healthcare

These people want their kids, from the youngest age possible, attend private schools. They have health insurance whenever they fall sick, they rush to private hospitals. Seriously, who’ll want to wait in long queues at Kenyatta Hospital, yet they have enough cash for such services elsewhere?

Street Protest Isn’t Their Thing

Political protests are dominated by the poor, unemployed youths in Kenya. The middle-class is busy working and guess where they’ll take their grief…social media 

The Middle-Class Phenomenon 






First Day at Work: How to Quickly Fit In

Related image


You have been granted that opportunity to work in a company and that means the table is all set. The long journey of job searching is over and this feels like a break-even point for you. But one question still lingers in your mind. How do you create a vehement and perhaps lasting relationship with your newly found colleagues?

Maintain a Bold Position

Image result for first day at work

Go to work with a ready open mind. Show the best of your energetic side. For beginners, none of your colleagues knows you either by name, rank, or location. These are new faces. And new things are susceptible to cause intimidation. You don’t want to be timid on your first day at work. Your proactive nature will be useful when you’re being shown around the place; a prevalent orientation process.

Remain approachable

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Your cordial levels will be determined by how open you are to everyone. In this case, ask questions when you don’t know the directions to a place or department or simply the bathroom. Some companies have well-labeled rooms that serve as kitchen, bathroom etc. It’s your first time at the premises, therefore, asking questions regarding such essential services are okay. Where possible, smile at colleagues, greet them and get to know one or two things about them. But recall that not everyone is friendly to you in the company, so don’t overdo it.

Observe the timelines

Image result for time

Time is a very important element for any organization or company and keeping the schedule will put you in the right shoes. The last thing you want to experience is arriving at your desk sweating and panting just because you got there late. Besides, you don’t want to go through the shameful narration of apologizing to your supervisor for being late on your first day. No! He/she won’t take you seriously.

Discern the surrounding lifestyle

Image result for office etiquette

Is doesn’t matter which position you hold, whether a senior manager or a receptionist, learning the lifestyle of your colleagues is the very first thing you must have your eyes on. Lifestyle encompasses what goes around the various departments; when do they break for lunch? How do they dress? Do they gather for prayers before work?

Observing these four points will definitely get you home that evening smiling.



Does Price Influence Your Choice of Technology?

Consider the following products available on the both platforms of markets- Online and Physical(Open) markets;

  1. An Android version of Galaxy C7 and J7
Related image


Both phones are absolutely elegant in terms of design, interface and module. The distinction between them stands out in the way they’re priced- a factor which many consumers put on the forefront before purchasing a product.

This enlists a number of considerations every buyer will have in mind when purchasing a good. For starters, your choice of technology in your house is primarily determined by your income levels and occasionally spending habits-which in many cases goes unsettled.

Its obvious that the higher the income, the bigger the expenditure- both at house level and personal level. True to the point of making a decision of self-emolument . Now, self-satisfaction is one recurring issue that creates a circle of thrust, a small mental force that keeps spinning the tables on what, where, how and when to get access to something- in this case product purchasing.

To conclude on whether price influences your choice of tech, the two discussed points have to interplay and act as a bridge in your decision-making process.