Trendsetters; Millennials’ demands at the Workplace


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  Quit the boss role and act as a mentor

Millennials want to work in an environment where their boss is a typical guru, a great adviser and not a strict employer. No college or campus graduate wants to be yelled at in the office. A working environment that’s adjustable to amicable relationships with your boss is what the young generation looks for. A boss who guides rather than instructs on how work is to be done will be liked most by Millennials 

  Communication is done through digital media 

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Remember when people used to write letters? Well, that stage was buried and forgotten by Generation Y and any sense of it won’t be accommodated anywhere in their lifestyle. With the emergence of the internet and social media platforms, all cross communication among Millennials is through their smartphones and laptops. And they have fully embraced it. You won’t find guys in the office writing letters, instead, that information is sent electronically through e-mail, direct messaging i.e. WhatsApp

   Forget about working for a long time at one place

 This new breed of workers has an element of not being sedentary at the workplace. Earlier, people could work for a company for more than five or ten years but this is different. Millennials have goals and expectations lingering in their minds and what they seek to find are the means to achieving them. They don’t want to be in one place for more than three years unless that job that is really hefty in its salary allocations; a consideration which I find doubtful looking at the economics of this country.

  Millennials have a preference of free working space  

An office layout with minimal disruptions, and that includes noise from other colleagues, continues irritating movements, is a perfect match for Millennials. Traditional cubicles where employees seemed ‘masked’ in their line of duties have been replaced with open working spaces, where they have their own desks.

They can work from anywhere, office not mandatory

Millennials have a diverse network of grouping where they can timely complete their assigned works, submit them and still get extra time for other essentials. Remember, unlike in the past, they are not tied down to one job. Work that involves constant presence is given thumps down by Millennials.  


Suzziah Clinches Ksh.1M On KissTV’s, The Search


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The Search

The Search, Kiss Tv’s new music show, which airs at 8 pm every Sunday has come to an end with the winner not being a surprise at all. The show is a music talent evaluation platform where aspiring singers showcase their prowess in singing different genres of music. Top on the list was the Ksh.1M prize which saw many of the 15 original contestants sign up for in the onset.

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The four finalists on the show were Moonboy, Elvis, Suzziah and Ythera. Each of them put their best foot forward in the final episode but the majority votes landed on one, Suzziah. Well, you may remember her from the new RnB hit, Number One, where she featured Le_Band. The songstress with a superior vocal capability whose music has topped charts in the East African zone promises to be a perfect entertainer once invited for a session

The prize

She has plans for the cash already, majorly focusing on investing much of it in her music. With her album, R.E.B.E.L in play, she hopes to make lucrative deals in the country’s flurry music industry. When asked about the recording contract with a renown stable in the country, she gave a simple expression of the best gratitude ever in her life.

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Finalist, Elvis

‘ Countless hours of practicing, little time for a break and an all time competitive nature of those around you ( of course she’s talking about the other three finalists) was what characterized the entire show. But thank God I won,’ she adds.

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Finalist, Ythera

With one million shillings and a one-year recording contract under her belt, Suzziah, now at 24,  remains futuristic that her upcoming albums will be massive with some of the challenges (lack of startup financial capital and proper management) many young artists face at the primary stage having been eliminated on her side. Thus the need to thank her fans who voted for her.

And in pictures…

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Finalist, Moonboy



Infrastructure;a Key Player In Achieving Vision 2030



A section of Thika Superhighway

Infrastructural development is crucial not only for the immediacy in service delivery but also the foreseen enhancement regarding the much anticipated, Kenya’s Vision 2030. Moreover, the ease with which domestic markets are accessed is going to be intensified with a rather more accessible road network.

Kenya’s renown Thika Superhighway, a magnificent road network that seeks to increase entry to the majority of marginalised places in the country, nails it with a direct route interconnecting counties of Kiambu, Nairobi, Othaya. 


The Link



It’s evident from the way these areas are linked with the highway, and are important in supply of the very needed agricultural products to the capital. Statistics from KEBS indicate that between the period of December 2016 and March 2017, more that a quarter of supplies in the city originated from the surrounding regions of Kiambu, Nyandarua, Sagana, Nyari .


This boost in crop production was associated with the fact that the city holds more than 3 million people, a perfect site for market leverage for many producers. A greater indicator of the efficiency in transport sources.



Thika superhighway

In addition to the mega highway, a number of bypasses have been built with a sole purpose of lessening inaccessibility to the city, specifically the CBD, a move that has seen the evolution of ‘distant-access roads’. These bypasses include the Northern, Southern and Eastern bypass. They connect surrounding city regions that have a direct impact when it comes to traffic in the city.

‘They were incorporated in the achievement of Vision 2030,’ says one of the visuals at the display site. As I rummage through the manuals of the Vision’s key proposals, an idea strikes out- its a quick search through one of the newly generated government portals. Simply,