2017’s Quick Lucrative Channels for Campus Students


Daniel KU


The year kicked off harshly for almost everybody and that was no exception for campus students. But with change in the surrounding, comes change in one’s way of life. Following the tough, financially-deplete periods of the semester, students as usual, devised some quick ways of creating extra cash for them. Among them include;

Selling of Movies

Unlike traditionally, with free WI-FI in the institution, downloading of movies is very easy and fast. ‘Torrenting’, a term which refers to acquiring, storing and then sharing internet files, I guess fits the description. Sites are available on the Nets where such data can be obtained. Flash Disks are in huge demand because they facilitate quick sharing of such movies which only go for ksh.30

Hawking Items in the Hostels 

This is absolutely a new phenomenon in any campus but with the hard times, students-mostly male- had the guts to walk from one hostel to the other with items like biscuits, lollipops and sweets firmly held in their hands or securely bagged. Fear doesn’t have any room when a man is hungry.

Fruitful Political Nominations 

They just ended two months ago and guys made good use of them. Lucrative opportunities included distributing campaign posters on the road side, acting as ‘agents’ for a particular candidate and signing up new members. Here, one could make not less than ksh.800 in a day depending on the job assigned.

Typing and Printing 

If you have a laptop , good for you! This is actually the opportune moment for you to make extra cash by simply sticking your fingers on the keyboard! It worked. There’re those ‘lazy’ students who ‘don’t have time to type their assignments’. This is a favorable time for ‘keyboard warmers’ to roll in and unfold their skills. A one page typed work will sell between ksh.20 and ksh.40 depending on the spacing, font and subject

Online Marketing Sites

With several clicks, you can get up to ksh.50 everyday and make withdrawals on Friday and Saturday on the site cited as ‘https://kenya.publiclikes.com’, which is a digital corporate marketing venue. The website offers three tiers- the starter, business Basic, and Business Premium. Both business basic and premium require upgrading which comes at a small charge. Other marketing sites exist but offer direct referrals through the mentioned social media site.




6 Facts About the Middle Class you May Not Have Known




Forget about the cheap hype on media, slowly turn around and accompany me on this trail as I highlight just what the Kenyan middle class of today ascertains the kind of lifestyle that fits them.

They Always Take Their Rage on Social Media, Especially Twitter

Ever heard of Kenyans On Twitter, or simply ≠KOT? It’s no doubt that social media is one wide channel that best accommodates the middle class. And they love it! Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram-sometime abbreviated as IG- you name it. The moment an occurrence either in the social or political arena happens, you won’t miss finding lengthy discussions on the cited accounts.

The one dominated most is Twitter, where hashtags are quickly bred in a bid to suit the status quo.

Most Rarely Bother To Know Their Neighbors

I must commence this by mentioning the ‘Nyumba Kumi’ initiative- a spirited effort by the government to ensure every person knows fully at least ten neighboring individuals. Did it work in the middle-class sections? I don’t think so. These guys only bother to know their close neighbors if they’re their relatives or workmates. Period.

They Spend On Average Ksh.24, 000- Ksh.200, 000 Every Month

These are statistics obtained from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KeBS), therefore, some truth holds within them. So, gloating over a salary below Ksh.20, 000 and mingling with the middle-class guys will make you rethink your friendship.

They Are the Reason We Have Expansive Constructions Going On In Our Cities

The majority of houses being built in the city are 1-3 bedroom apartments with rental prices ranging from Ksh.10, 000 to Ksh.40, 000 depending on where the house is. Surprisingly, you’ll find 1-2 bedroom houses in slum areas and guess who can afford that…

 Majority Opt For Private Education and Healthcare

These people want their kids, from the youngest age possible, attend private schools. They have health insurance whenever they fall sick, they rush to private hospitals. Seriously, who’ll want to wait in long queues at Kenyatta Hospital, yet they have enough cash for such services elsewhere?

Street Protest Isn’t Their Thing

Political protests are dominated by the poor, unemployed youths in Kenya. The middle-class is busy working and guess where they’ll take their grief…social media 

The Middle-Class Phenomenon 






First Day at Work: How to Quickly Fit In

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You have been granted that opportunity to work in a company and that means the table is all set. The long journey of job searching is over and this feels like a break-even point for you. But one question still lingers in your mind. How do you create a vehement and perhaps lasting relationship with your newly found colleagues?

Maintain a Bold Position

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Go to work with a ready open mind. Show the best of your energetic side. For beginners, none of your colleagues knows you either by name, rank, or location. These are new faces. And new things are susceptible to cause intimidation. You don’t want to be timid on your first day at work. Your proactive nature will be useful when you’re being shown around the place; a prevalent orientation process.

Remain approachable

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Your cordial levels will be determined by how open you are to everyone. In this case, ask questions when you don’t know the directions to a place or department or simply the bathroom. Some companies have well-labeled rooms that serve as kitchen, bathroom etc. It’s your first time at the premises, therefore, asking questions regarding such essential services are okay. Where possible, smile at colleagues, greet them and get to know one or two things about them. But recall that not everyone is friendly to you in the company, so don’t overdo it.

Observe the timelines

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Time is a very important element for any organization or company and keeping the schedule will put you in the right shoes. The last thing you want to experience is arriving at your desk sweating and panting just because you got there late. Besides, you don’t want to go through the shameful narration of apologizing to your supervisor for being late on your first day. No! He/she won’t take you seriously.

Discern the surrounding lifestyle

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Is doesn’t matter which position you hold, whether a senior manager or a receptionist, learning the lifestyle of your colleagues is the very first thing you must have your eyes on. Lifestyle encompasses what goes around the various departments; when do they break for lunch? How do they dress? Do they gather for prayers before work?

Observing these four points will definitely get you home that evening smiling.

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Does Price Influence Your Choice of Technology?

Consider the following products available on the both platforms of markets- Online and Physical(Open) markets;

  1. An Android version of Galaxy C7 and J7
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Both phones are absolutely elegant in terms of design, interface and module. The distinction between them stands out in the way they’re priced- a factor which many consumers put on the forefront before purchasing a product.

This enlists a number of considerations every buyer will have in mind when purchasing a good. For starters, your choice of technology in your house is primarily determined by your income levels and occasionally spending habits-which in many cases goes unsettled.

Its obvious that the higher the income, the bigger the expenditure- both at house level and personal level. True to the point of making a decision of self-emolument . Now, self-satisfaction is one recurring issue that creates a circle of thrust, a small mental force that keeps spinning the tables on what, where, how and when to get access to something- in this case product purchasing.

To conclude on whether price influences your choice of tech, the two discussed points have to interplay and act as a bridge in your decision-making process.




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Your job hunt process is constantly hitting the wall and you feel like giving up. It’s normal, especially during current times which are marked by depletion in almost every sector, regarding employment availability. Just what could trigger your next move? We all understand that to get that perfect job, tremendous effort has to be put in – and this ranges from attaining highest education level, gaining the various suitable skills and finally, knocking on every appropriate company’s door in the process of disseminating those applications.

But what if the resume doesn’t match what the employer is looking for? Or simply one is not impressed with it? Remember, the closeness of your CV’s content to the qualifications and skills of the advertised job is what will ultimately grant you a passage to the interview room.

In a number of circumstances, both men and women have experienced the need to flirt their way to get that much-needed promotion, a job or any opportunity that they deem to be very vital in the workplace. This begs the question, ‘Is flirting necessary for one to get a job?’ If so, under what situations will flirtation be the only left option?


Well, flirtation, often termed as a ‘friendly notation or gesture toward another person’ best fits women. This is true based on the fact that majority of business owners are men. The pull and push between men and women to take a large portion of the boardroom top positions still rages on and, it’s one confrontation that seems never to get an amicable solution or rest.

However, the fact that men play dominantly in almost all top company positions should not be a causal demeanor. Women should tread their way to top ranks, and as a natural phenomenon, flirting might just get them there. Entanglements should be precisely paced based on time and space limit-circumstances.

  1. When the manager is in a good mood

This is considered the best moment for flirting. Naturally, any human will agree to one’s demands or request in the right mood. A good mood means the manager can listen to you, reply comfortably and with ease to your questions. Is, therefore, crucial to know your boss’ mood before you knock on to his office.

  1. When the company is at the peaks

Do you need a promotion? Quick response is YES! When is the right time to go about it? Obviously when the company is not making losses. Hierarchal advancements opt for specifics on the performance of the company one’s working for. Make sure the company is at the pinnacle in terms of profit margins. That will be the most appropriate moment to ask for that promo.

  1. When your CV plays the center stage

The manager seems not sure of where to place you. He looks a bit shaky deciding which position suits you best. Don’t panic. Sometimes you might think that you are overqualified for the job or there’s a mismatch between what the resume says and expectations of the job. These reasons might explain the uneasiness surrounding your boss. Pose for a second and wait for the right time to poke your luck through.


Side note: flirting doesn’t work most of the time due to the diversity in people’s traits.