Attention: Redson ft.Vivianne

Redson and Vivianne’s new song, Attention, requires our attention. The new jam which features well known dancehall and ragga star, Redson and Kenya’s new sensation, Vivianne depicts an ambiance of love-related lyrics that seek a deep test of its fans.

Last year, Vivianne cited a pending but unconfirmed possibility of working with Redson but that was yet to be made public. Well, it has! And the new song is out!

Characterising the video is one most scenic view of the Coastal beaches with Vivianne being the key feature. True beauty here stands unshaken. She must have paid alot to have such an excelent music video.

Top on the lyrical flow? Yes. Yes they are. 8/10 will be my rate. Good job guys. We expect more of such music from the Kenyan industry.



By The Roadside

Stuck between a raging employer and a disheartening husband, Lisa McRise decided enough was enough. She trashed her well-paying job, fled from her husband and headed to her mum’s’ place.

She had had it all and the thought of her suffering under deep silence crossed her mind just at the eleventh hour. No doubt. She made the right decision and was clear that abandoning the two problems behind was the surest way of starting a new life.

Unknown to her mystery was the fact that Lisa’s husband had earlier complained of insomnia. He couldn’t get adequate sleep and that made him weary and unrelating. Lisa attributed her husband’s condition to too much drinking and smoking – two habits that the doctor had cautioned against when they visited the hospital.

All known and publicised, the stakes were high here and the only approach she could take was scampering for safety. Escaping she did but what met her on the way was astounding…5 ways to say goodbye to that unrelenting partner