2017’s Quick Lucrative Channels for Campus Students


Daniel KU


The year kicked off harshly for almost everybody and that was no exception for campus students. But with change in the surrounding, comes change in one’s way of life. Following the tough, financially-deplete periods of the semester, students as usual, devised some quick ways of creating extra cash for them. Among them include;

Selling of Movies

Unlike traditionally, with free WI-FI in the institution, downloading of movies is very easy and fast. ‘Torrenting’, a term which refers to acquiring, storing and then sharing internet files, I guess fits the description. Sites are available on the Nets where such data can be obtained. Flash Disks are in huge demand because they facilitate quick sharing of such movies which only go for ksh.30

Hawking Items in the Hostels 

This is absolutely a new phenomenon in any campus but with the hard times, students-mostly male- had the guts to walk from one hostel to the other with items like biscuits, lollipops and sweets firmly held in their hands or securely bagged. Fear doesn’t have any room when a man is hungry.

Fruitful Political Nominations 

They just ended two months ago and guys made good use of them. Lucrative opportunities included distributing campaign posters on the road side, acting as ‘agents’ for a particular candidate and signing up new members. Here, one could make not less than ksh.800 in a day depending on the job assigned.

Typing and Printing 

If you have a laptop , good for you! This is actually the opportune moment for you to make extra cash by simply sticking your fingers on the keyboard! It worked. There’re those ‘lazy’ students who ‘don’t have time to type their assignments’. This is a favorable time for ‘keyboard warmers’ to roll in and unfold their skills. A one page typed work will sell between ksh.20 and ksh.40 depending on the spacing, font and subject

Online Marketing Sites

With several clicks, you can get up to ksh.50 everyday and make withdrawals on Friday and Saturday on the site cited as ‘https://kenya.publiclikes.com’, which is a digital corporate marketing venue. The website offers three tiers- the starter, business Basic, and Business Premium. Both business basic and premium require upgrading which comes at a small charge. Other marketing sites exist but offer direct referrals through the mentioned social media site.




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