6 Facts About the Middle Class you May Not Have Known




Forget about the cheap hype on media, slowly turn around and accompany me on this trail as I highlight just what the Kenyan middle class of today ascertains the kind of lifestyle that fits them.

They Always Take Their Rage on Social Media, Especially Twitter

Ever heard of Kenyans On Twitter, or simply ≠KOT? It’s no doubt that social media is one wide channel that best accommodates the middle class. And they love it! Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram-sometime abbreviated as IG- you name it. The moment an occurrence either in the social or political arena happens, you won’t miss finding lengthy discussions on the cited accounts.

The one dominated most is Twitter, where hashtags are quickly bred in a bid to suit the status quo.

Most Rarely Bother To Know Their Neighbors

I must commence this by mentioning the ‘Nyumba Kumi’ initiative- a spirited effort by the government to ensure every person knows fully at least ten neighboring individuals. Did it work in the middle-class sections? I don’t think so. These guys only bother to know their close neighbors if they’re their relatives or workmates. Period.

They Spend On Average Ksh.24, 000- Ksh.200, 000 Every Month

These are statistics obtained from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KeBS), therefore, some truth holds within them. So, gloating over a salary below Ksh.20, 000 and mingling with the middle-class guys will make you rethink your friendship.

They Are the Reason We Have Expansive Constructions Going On In Our Cities

The majority of houses being built in the city are 1-3 bedroom apartments with rental prices ranging from Ksh.10, 000 to Ksh.40, 000 depending on where the house is. Surprisingly, you’ll find 1-2 bedroom houses in slum areas and guess who can afford that…

 Majority Opt For Private Education and Healthcare

These people want their kids, from the youngest age possible, attend private schools. They have health insurance whenever they fall sick, they rush to private hospitals. Seriously, who’ll want to wait in long queues at Kenyatta Hospital, yet they have enough cash for such services elsewhere?

Street Protest Isn’t Their Thing

Political protests are dominated by the poor, unemployed youths in Kenya. The middle-class is busy working and guess where they’ll take their grief…social media 

The Middle-Class Phenomenon 







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