First Day at Work: How to Quickly Fit In

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You have been granted that opportunity to work in a company and that means the table is all set. The long journey of job searching is over and this feels like a break-even point for you. But one question still lingers in your mind. How do you create a vehement and perhaps lasting relationship with your newly found colleagues?

Maintain a Bold Position

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Go to work with a ready open mind. Show the best of your energetic side. For beginners, none of your colleagues knows you either by name, rank, or location. These are new faces. And new things are susceptible to cause intimidation. You don’t want to be timid on your first day at work. Your proactive nature will be useful when you’re being shown around the place; a prevalent orientation process.

Remain approachable

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Your cordial levels will be determined by how open you are to everyone. In this case, ask questions when you don’t know the directions to a place or department or simply the bathroom. Some companies have well-labeled rooms that serve as kitchen, bathroom etc. It’s your first time at the premises, therefore, asking questions regarding such essential services are okay. Where possible, smile at colleagues, greet them and get to know one or two things about them. But recall that not everyone is friendly to you in the company, so don’t overdo it.

Observe the timelines

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Time is a very important element for any organization or company and keeping the schedule will put you in the right shoes. The last thing you want to experience is arriving at your desk sweating and panting just because you got there late. Besides, you don’t want to go through the shameful narration of apologizing to your supervisor for being late on your first day. No! He/she won’t take you seriously.

Discern the surrounding lifestyle

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Is doesn’t matter which position you hold, whether a senior manager or a receptionist, learning the lifestyle of your colleagues is the very first thing you must have your eyes on. Lifestyle encompasses what goes around the various departments; when do they break for lunch? How do they dress? Do they gather for prayers before work?

Observing these four points will definitely get you home that evening smiling.




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