Does Price Influence Your Choice of Technology?

Consider the following products available on the both platforms of markets- Online and Physical(Open) markets;

  1. An Android version of Galaxy C7 and J7
Related image


Both phones are absolutely elegant in terms of design, interface and module. The distinction between them stands out in the way they’re priced- a factor which many consumers put on the forefront before purchasing a product.

This enlists a number of considerations every buyer will have in mind when purchasing a good. For starters, your choice of technology in your house is primarily determined by your income levels and occasionally spending habits-which in many cases goes unsettled.

Its obvious that the higher the income, the bigger the expenditure- both at house level and personal level. True to the point of making a decision of self-emolument . Now, self-satisfaction is one recurring issue that creates a circle of thrust, a small mental force that keeps spinning the tables on what, where, how and when to get access to something- in this case product purchasing.

To conclude on whether price influences your choice of tech, the two discussed points have to interplay and act as a bridge in your decision-making process.



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