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Your job hunt process is constantly hitting the wall and you feel like giving up. It’s normal, especially during current times which are marked by depletion in almost every sector, regarding employment availability. Just what could trigger your next move? We all understand that to get that perfect job, tremendous effort has to be put in – and this ranges from attaining highest education level, gaining the various suitable skills and finally, knocking on every appropriate company’s door in the process of disseminating those applications.

But what if the resume doesn’t match what the employer is looking for? Or simply one is not impressed with it? Remember, the closeness of your CV’s content to the qualifications and skills of the advertised job is what will ultimately grant you a passage to the interview room.

In a number of circumstances, both men and women have experienced the need to flirt their way to get that much-needed promotion, a job or any opportunity that they deem to be very vital in the workplace. This begs the question, ‘Is flirting necessary for one to get a job?’ If so, under what situations will flirtation be the only left option?


Well, flirtation, often termed as a ‘friendly notation or gesture toward another person’ best fits women. This is true based on the fact that majority of business owners are men. The pull and push between men and women to take a large portion of the boardroom top positions still rages on and, it’s one confrontation that seems never to get an amicable solution or rest.

However, the fact that men play dominantly in almost all top company positions should not be a causal demeanor. Women should tread their way to top ranks, and as a natural phenomenon, flirting might just get them there. Entanglements should be precisely paced based on time and space limit-circumstances.

  1. When the manager is in a good mood

This is considered the best moment for flirting. Naturally, any human will agree to one’s demands or request in the right mood. A good mood means the manager can listen to you, reply comfortably and with ease to your questions. Is, therefore, crucial to know your boss’ mood before you knock on to his office.

  1. When the company is at the peaks

Do you need a promotion? Quick response is YES! When is the right time to go about it? Obviously when the company is not making losses. Hierarchal advancements opt for specifics on the performance of the company one’s working for. Make sure the company is at the pinnacle in terms of profit margins. That will be the most appropriate moment to ask for that promo.

  1. When your CV plays the center stage

The manager seems not sure of where to place you. He looks a bit shaky deciding which position suits you best. Don’t panic. Sometimes you might think that you are overqualified for the job or there’s a mismatch between what the resume says and expectations of the job. These reasons might explain the uneasiness surrounding your boss. Pose for a second and wait for the right time to poke your luck through.


Side note: flirting doesn’t work most of the time due to the diversity in people’s traits.





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