5 Invaluable Tips for Students Pursuing Careers in Music

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A career in the music industry is both rewarding and daunting. While music is such a universally appreciated art form, successfully establishing a career in this field will require some prior-planning. If you’re a college student and wish to pursue music professionally, there are a few things you can do to set yourself up for success. Here are five essential tips:

1. Learn the business side of music

In this day and age, a career in music is also a career in business. In a time when we’re expected to be self-sufficient in almost every aspect of our careers, knowing how to manage your finances, secure record deals, and organize tours will increase your likelihood of becoming successful.

If you’ve never taken a business course before, consider enrolling in a practical course that will educate you on how to manage taxes, make professional connections, and invest smartly. The best kinds of courses will also include co-op placements at a company related to the field you plan on pursuing. Forming professional connections are the best way to establish a career, so meeting the right people through a co-op placement will create significantly more opportunity.

2. Take a writing course

This course doesn’t need to be a songwriting course, although that may be very useful for a career in music if it’s offered at your college. Rather, enrolling in a writing course that will teach you how to communicate professionally with others will sharpen your overall skillset. The writing course should teach you how to write professional emails, letters, and contracts, all of which will be invaluable when you’re signing a record deal or hiring talent managers. Understanding how to communicate your ideas clearly is one of the most important skills for a professional in any field.

3. Take a marketing course

Learning how to market your talents will save you from needing to hire a music marketing firm in the future. Not only is it important for students to understand how to disseminate their music on social media platforms effectively, it’s also useful to gain an understanding of key marketing principles to improve your chances of connecting with fans. Regardless of whether you plan on pursuing a career as a musician, a band manager, or owning a recording studio, understanding how to connect with your listeners is priceless. A useful marketing course will help you identify some of the key ways advertising works on the human brain about marketing courses offered at your school).

For example, at the course’s completion, you should be able to answer these key questions: what word choices are most likely to appeal to your target audience? What techniques can you use to grab the attention of those who see an ad with your band’s logo on it? Understanding how to optimize your advertisements so that they resonate with a target audience might be the key to your success.

4. Make connections

Some of the most important people you’ll meet will be the individuals you at college. One of the best parts about a career in music is that students from a variety of different backgrounds can pursue this profession. While pursuing a music degree in school is an obvious strategic choice for upcoming music professionals, you’ll likely meet other students in business, English, drama and STEM fields who are also interested in music careers.

If you’re considering participating in a study abroad programmed at your college, you’ll have the opportunity to make connections with people all over the globe. Music is enjoyed by every culture, which means a career in this field has the power to attract people from all different backgrounds. The best ideas are born out of cutting-edge and diverse thinking, so collaborating with students from different fields or parts of the world might give you the spark you need.

5. Think outside the box

Too often, we hear that majors in the fine arts and humanities have chosen an “easy way” to get through school. If you’re in one of these two fields, you’re probably well aware that the field you’ve chosen is both valuable and challenging. A degree in the arts or humanities requires critical thinking about pertinent issues, which will likely give you a head-start when you’re working in a creative career. This is why the music industry is so ideal for students from the arts and humanities streams. Historically, the most notable musicians have produced new styles of music that address world issues in a unique way.

For example, the Beatles’ “Helter Skelter” was the first punk rock song and greatly contributed to their fame. Additionally, the most significant producers in the music industry have been able to appreciate cutting edge thinking. Producer Dick Rowe turned the Beatles away, a decision he probably deeply regretted after the band rose to fame. Remember to use your creativity and think abstractly, and you’ll be on your way to success in no time.

Source; Coursehero.com

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