Life After Campus: what the reality holds


Image/Willie Blair

This article seeks to bring to light the reality that awaits every campus student once they have graduated. The moment you take of that gown and exit campus premises, then you’ve begun living a completely different life. The truth is that change is bound to occur and you’re subjected to it.

1.Finances: spending habits must change 

Well, for a typical student, you used to party, drink and tour and all these activities fetched either your parent’s cash or your little earnings. The moment you step out of campus, these activities will be put to a minimum or wholly halted because of the bills, student loans that must be paid.

You are now in your own house and the very little things which we consider basic may become so difficult to handle when cash is depleted. Starting your own business is not a very close idea in mind right now because you’re shelved from venturing into business by that little income.

So how do you conform to this new reality? For starters, you’ve got to plan-low cost housing/renting, cheap affordable meals and a low tier lifestyle. That way, you’ll save a lot of cash which could enable you venture into SMEs.

2.Networks: Friends will go silent

Ever heard of the phrase, TRUE FRIENDS? It doesn’t hold any truth in it when suddenly you try calling your friends only to hear, ‘Mteja hapatikani’ or ‘the number is no longer in service!’ This is pretty normal as many of them will be on the move discovering what life has in store for them.

True friends will disappear (and just to be clear this is no guarantee) completely from vicinity and that call won’t go through. If you’re lucky, maybe one or two could be available to talk to you but their availability could be limited.

3.The yearn to be with someone sets in  

This is common especially when everyone around you is married, many responsibilities have come by for men, or you played the ‘hard to get’ kind of girl while in campus and now you’ve no connections. Loneliness grips you hence the need to have that lucky guy to have a conversation with. This could be followed by maybe long term relationship.

4.There must a change in one’s priorities

You always thought of completing studies and maybe getting a job, starting a family, traveling to that scenic Coastal beach or moving out of the country. But all these will change due to the different dynamics of life that befall you. First priority here will be how to get money for the basics-food, housing. I doubt if clothing could be a necessity at this moment.

In some cultures, ladies who have just completed college are under pressure from their families as well as the rising age-gap (approaching 40s) to get married. True. For such women, you’ve got to know what to put ahead and what to slide back.

5.Everyone has that speck of fear for the future

College students prepare for their future but the ratio of chances of failing to succeeding are high, due to the uncertainty about what the future holds. This is true because no one knows what will happen in future.

Failure usually gets better part if you if you know that your GPA isn’t that impressive. With Kenya’s job market having an education foundation, getting into the corporate world means having some stunning grades to boast of.

6.The society isn’t as friendly as you thought 

Everything is changing ranging from technology, economy, and lifestyle; these three create a virtual bracket that encompasses your level of hard work, skills, and knowledge.

Therefore, a change in one will affect you either positively or negatively. A slam in economy-inflation for instance- will leave you struggling to get more, since average won’t be enough!



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