How to Shine in a Group Interview


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Group interviews have become a norm for many companies and organisations that wish not to spend too much time carrying out single face to face interviews for their candidates. It’s with this narrative that majority of them have a preference to grouping applicants and randomly hurling questions at them. So how do you emerge victorious in such a situation?

  1. Be aler


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The alertness here involves being aware of your immediate surrounding ie the company itself, the type of job you had applied for, requirements of the job and the necessary roles you ought to play. In this case, when they ask about what your roles are at the company, you will be quick to respond without fidgeting.


  1. Avoid distractions

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Getting interrupted while answering a question in a group can lead to terrible outcomes. Interviewers will get offended when you have to get into the pocket just to mute that incoming call. For this reason, switch off cellphones, tablets or any electronic device you have with you that you think will create a disruption.


  1. Maintain eye contact with the interviewer when answering queries

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Sounds simple when described but some people find it difficult to look directly at the one asking questions, maybe because they are shy or not sure of the answer they are giving. Locking your eyes with the interviewer’s will show you are confident hence sure about your response.


  1. Avoid using uncertain phrases and words

Uncertain words and/or phrases here include; ‘…I think my role is to…’ or ‘…maybe ‘ or ‘…I’m not sure but…’. Such phrases and words create an atmosphere that the applicant is not well-versed on the subject at hand.


  1. Give room for other applicants to respond

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When you have the right reply to a question posed, and the interviewer signals another candidate to answer, don’t jump in and give your answer because the question isn’t directed to you. Have some antiquate. Let the designated candidate respond.  


6. Ask relevant questions 

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   There’s a moment allowed for each candidate to ask queries in every interview and this could be an opportunity for you to get ahead of everybody in a group. Therefore, ask questions related to the job and try to be as vibrant and wide as possible in your sentence structure. Don’t ask unnecessary questions like , ‘ How far is this place from town?


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