Suzziah Clinches Ksh.1M On KissTV’s, The Search


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The Search

The Search, Kiss Tv’s new music show, which airs at 8 pm every Sunday has come to an end with the winner not being a surprise at all. The show is a music talent evaluation platform where aspiring singers showcase their prowess in singing different genres of music. Top on the list was the Ksh.1M prize which saw many of the 15 original contestants sign up for in the onset.

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The four finalists on the show were Moonboy, Elvis, Suzziah and Ythera. Each of them put their best foot forward in the final episode but the majority votes landed on one, Suzziah. Well, you may remember her from the new RnB hit, Number One, where she featured Le_Band. The songstress with a superior vocal capability whose music has topped charts in the East African zone promises to be a perfect entertainer once invited for a session

The prize

She has plans for the cash already, majorly focusing on investing much of it in her music. With her album, R.E.B.E.L in play, she hopes to make lucrative deals in the country’s flurry music industry. When asked about the recording contract with a renown stable in the country, she gave a simple expression of the best gratitude ever in her life.

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Finalist, Elvis

‘ Countless hours of practicing, little time for a break and an all time competitive nature of those around you ( of course she’s talking about the other three finalists) was what characterized the entire show. But thank God I won,’ she adds.

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Finalist, Ythera

With one million shillings and a one-year recording contract under her belt, Suzziah, now at 24,  remains futuristic that her upcoming albums will be massive with some of the challenges (lack of startup financial capital and proper management) many young artists face at the primary stage having been eliminated on her side. Thus the need to thank her fans who voted for her.

And in pictures…

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Finalist, Moonboy




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