5 Most Exciting Features in Windows 10

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windows 10

Software evolution seems not to be stopping for Microsoft company, which has been in the spotlight for Operating Systems like; Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and now 10. A revolutionary OS that dwells to bind the truth and fiction in a single realm of infinity- its inward complexity is absolute simplicity for an average user.

Just in a measure of optimism, what draws one most to this eye-catching software include the following new elements;


  1. Cortana




    This feature lets you make quick searches without necessarily clicking through the desktop icons. With a search space ready, Cortana is simply a ‘let me go’ unidirectional director. It direct access to the web with a single command voice. With it, one can easily manipulate(for positive purposes) in-built basic arts like the calendar, time, and even set reminders!


  1. The Start Menu interface


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The start menu interface

     Colors bring out beauty once you get hold of this item. Blue, in particular, creates an ambiance of comfort and readiness, a fact which is fully sedentary when you open Windows 10. Earlier versions like Windows 8 denied us the Start Menu . But it came back in Windows 10 , better and a lot better.

Once clicked, a window appears with two separate distinctions in the middle, to the left, there’s a panel (alphabetically arranged) with applications in an up-down scroll menu.

Attached to this drop down menu is a 40% widescreen with a number of applications represented in square boxes which can easily be adjusted to suit one’s best orientation.


  1. Microsoft Edge



Microsoft Edge

    Have you ever wondered what Internet Explorer was all about with its non-changing, non-exciting interface? It’s a done deal and I don’t think we are going back again. Ms Edge, a new search engine, or browser, has replaced Explorer, the old version.

Appealing is the simplicity and so is this new version. With support of BING, Ms Edge is more secure with filters which warn you about the kind of content(graphic or explicit) you are searching.

Temporary and permanent closure options are available in case you wish to change them. This is a greatly protective security feature especially when one shares one’s computer with his/her kids.


4.The central notification center


Notification Center

 Located to the extreme right corner of the screen on the task bar is this new feature. And its complete! Trust that everything I’m about to mention is there; controls for brightness, Wi-Fi, Tablet mode, settings, Current Location and note  pad. This menu can be collapsed if you don’t want to see it or expand to make changes. Think of it as your new control panel.

Apparently one can switch between the Tablet mode and the Windows mode, this action comes handy where you have a touch-sensitive monitor.


  1. Multiple desktop functionality


     Previous versions of Windows gave no permission to this new feature. But now it’s here with us. Switching between/among 2 or more applications is more sufficient. I know average consumers of computers won’t find this feature related to their handheld mouse tricks, but savvies with multiple live works will find switching in between apps and desktop an essential gain. 





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