Want to ask for a salary increment? Here is the polite way to do it.


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Several circumstances, at some point in your career, could compel you to ask for an increase  in your monthly payment. These factors vary and their magnitude is as often insatiable as their impact on you. However, at workplace, considerations have to be made on the approach one should take when asking for that increment.

Your relationship with your employer, assuming that the longevity of your work at the company is still minute, will seldom jump into many employees’ minds before they make this move.  During this difficult economic times, employees who wish to have their salaries raised ought to consider the following determinants before they jot down that request letter.

1.The company’s current performance : 


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This is one crucial element to be put into consideration before asking for an increment. The prevailing performance of the company will help you know when the time is right or not. Where the company is undergoing tough economic pesters , don’t bother to ask for the rise regardless of how polite your request will be.  It’s a guarantee that you won’t be fruitful in your quest. Solution?

Wait for the appropriate time when the company is making good returns, with its profit margins depicting an excellent surge. This moment, the manager will gladly have a conversation with you.

2.Longevity of your work at the respective company




How long one has worked in a particular organization will be important when asking for a pay rise. Conventional track-lines of workers are seen as reserves for leverage towards making gains in a company. So, have a clear mind on this because many employers will look at this a factor on its own when gauging whether to award you that increment or not. To be more specific on this, no company will make salary increments for employees who have been in the workplace for less than three years.

3.Your relationship and track records



previous work performance

Have you had a perfect relationship with fellow employers? How do you relate with your colleagues at work? And more importantly, how is your relationship with your boss? They said small things do count, and these are the tiny details that can hold you back from accessing that increment.

Your track record in terms of contribution to the performance of the company must be good and visible. You don’t want to have a lengthy conversation with the boss explaining how you have assisted the company in its growth curve for the time you’ve worked there. Having to explain to your boss how much effort you’ve put in your work means your performance is not visible and at the same time unimpressive.




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