It’s bye bye for Windows Vista as Microsoft brings its use to an end



windows vista becomes redundant

Users of the decade-long operating system, Windows Vista, will be compelled to make a quick substitute for their computers’s operating systems (OS) after the manufacturer opted to end its existence. The 10-year-old software which has been in use for the majority of computer gadgets that were manufactured by 2006 has been held as inheritance for many users.

A brief delve into the OS and its functionality reveal a rather user-friendly software with multiple features that had been formulated and carefully aligned to suit any intended consumer. Perhaps one of the most striking features is the interface design, which de-links truly well from the previous versions.

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windows vista user interface

The maker, Microsoft Inc., gave the new look with the speculative aspect of attracting more potential computer lovers, a narrative which came into reality when the sales margin of the new version more than tripled! With statistics indicating that it runs on more than 75% of gadgets.

In addition to the new 3D feature that would give a three-sided dimensional look of content, a sidebar to quickly switch between widgets, and the ‘Window’ Start Menu option to enable one move with ease, Vista presented a whole new dimension of  file arrangement system that to some extend didn’t match what other PC makers had put into consideration.

However, with a good reputation comes criticism, especially for a product whose use was conventional. It should be noted that Microsoft came up with Windows Vista at a time when the company was facing, what many economists will term as a ‘competing effect’. The fact still remains that Windows Vista was a hurried product and the manufacturer didn’t know the right environment and proper timing when to introduce a new product in the market. This is explained by the company’s need to remain relevant in the dynamic market and have a strong grasp of its Windows product.

Some of the criticism of the product ranged from the intensity of the much spot on interface, sluggish video games, Account Control Prompts (ACP) and disc protection for Blue-rays. Much of these critical issues were explained with much incompleteness for fear of ruining the company’s already dented image. A further understanding of this version of Windows shows a gradual evolution from Windows Vista, Windows 7. 8, 8.1 and now 10.

The fact that Vista has come to an end doesn’t mean that your computer will stop working! No. For those Kenyans still stuck with that old version of Windows (and I doubt if many folks use it anymore), don’t worry about its working. However, what lies ahead of you are security risks like malicious coding, viruses especially when linked to the internet and when you connect your computer to devices like cameras, printers, scanners etc.




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