Prison Break season 5 ; A thump up or a complete flop?


Prioson Break : Micheal Scofield and Lincoln Burrows

The earnestly awaited season 5 of the popular TV show, Prison Break is finally out and gracing our screens. The show which features a storyline based on a brother’s attempt to free his elder brother from prison after he was jailed for the murder of the Vice President’s brother, had a lively welcome during its inception, but at the moment the statistics indicate otherwise.

Prison Break began airing on 4th of April on Fox with the new episode carefully reviving its everyday characters. The four major players in the show since its inception, Michael Scofield, Sarah Tancredi, T-Bag ( Theodore Bagwell) and Lincoln Burrows, remain on the gauging scale with only the plot having a different outlook this time.

For lovers of the show, what triggers their appetite for more of it is the presence of these four characters. Which means once one among the four is eliminated, the show is likely to lose that grand support of fans thus end up fetching low on the show scenes, a fact that was replicated in the new season of 24; Legacy. Character death is a key contributor to the perpetual demise of many TV shows.

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Priosob Break 5

However, with a massive number of fans who have for more than seven years accommodated Prison Break in their minds, a repetitive narrative is a boredom ‘enticer’.   For a series with such huge investment, many fans opted for a totally different script keeping the characters constant.

What Fox did with the new script regarding the execution of this much-loved show was to retain the key characters but have a not-so –different story-line. The show just aired its first account and fans expect a dissimilar turn or twist in the subsequent episodes. Whether this production was a thumb up or thumbs down, let me know.

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