How to handle a job loss




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Its 28th March, the time when most companies’ accountants are busier than ever: carefully detailing employees’ bank account details and ”loading” them with respective salaries. You go to work as usual keeping in mind the fact that your salary will be in your account soon.

As you walk to your office desk, the receptionist storms in your room and without a simple ”Hi” or the normal ”Good morning!”, she hands you a piece of information which openly says that the boss wants to see you in his office.

No hesitation. The two of you have known each other for quite some time and as a result, have created a rapport that can’t be shaken. You enter the office and he motions you to have a seat, this time there is no usual smile on his face. And this is when you sense something isn’t right.

”Mr. Waweru, the company wishes to relieve you of your duties starting today. A new budget scheme has been availed and therefore your services will no longer be needed. We appreciate the effort you put in your position in making this company realize its goals. Asante sana,” goes the Boss.

The first step majority of employees tend to take is sink into a deep sphere of hatred towards the boss. Anger engulfs you and you feel like cursing at him or banging the table or doing anything that will help you send to him that information about you being struck hard . This is pretty normal because of the plans you may have with that salary. But don’t worry- the hatred doesn’t last.

You know very well that you’ve been an industrious person at the company. But the fact that the company feels your services are redundant due to the changes it has made in your department, should not be a reason for you to detest anybody. We should all recognise that every company has set visions, missions and goals to be achieved. Therefore, any impediments to their progress will not be taken easily.

The following four pointers will help you in resolving your job related pesters;

Firstly, remain calm and collect yourself so that you don’t loose your integrity. Letting emotions overwhelm you once you’ve lost your job will make you loose your cool. Besides, it’s insensible to misbehave at the workplace as this will only create more problems for you.

Secondly, don’t extend the grief to anyone close to you, could be your kith and kin. Doing that could display a folk not in charge, a broken person, a fact which your kids(if you have any) will not be in right position to stand. The last thing your children would want to hear from you is ” Daddy/mum is financially unstable.

Thirdly, reboot yourself. New energy, Psyche is needed for a jobless person. Shift your mind and thoughts from your previous job and have a plan on where next to work. We all know that no work is permanent if you are a subject. And the fact that some people work for many years in an organisation without being fired, should not cloud your mind to think that there exists some similarity.

In this changing macroeconomics, the link between getting your dream job and  and the means to closing on it is so thin that majority of job seekers find themselves working in sectors where they never had their heads in. That’s why the fourth option in settling your job troubles is discovering your surplus abilities that will boost your morale in employment. Everybody has that inner concealed element of drive that pushes him/her to maximise one’s potential in every work done.

The writer is a Financial Economist at the university of Nairobi.


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