3 questions NOT to ask during an interview



You have been on the quest to find a new job and during your endeavors, you had the task to disseminate a many applications as possible to numerous organizations. Eventually, you landed an interview in one of the organizations. How do you prepare?

Fine. For someone who has been in the job qua-drum for a number of years and worked for different companies would be very familiar with what the employer would want to know from you. But at certain point, employers tend to change the tactics of questioning the interviewees.

Doing appropriate research about the company is so basic for any job seeker. But is that all? With the changing job market and the increasingly dynamic economy, stiffness within the employment sector is likely to be experienced. For this reason, it is advisable to know the dos and donts of an interview.

The following three questions should not feature at all before and during the interview.

1. How much is this position pay?

One last thing the employer will want to hear from you is queries about salary. An employer will be attracted to things you say about yourself and past job experience. Raising the question of payment for the job not already granted shows your interest in the salary rather than the company itself.

Instead, direct this question to the appropriate Human Resource manager. Unless the query is raised by the interviewer (which is a seldom occasion), matters to do with salary ought to be placed in your cover later with crystal indication of the future changes.

I understand some organizations may raise the question to do with salary during the interviews, especially where the organization has not displayed the payment on the job advert. If so, then properly give information that is not deceitful in relation to your CV and previous employments.

2. How long do you work in a day?

Time is a crucial element to any organization, specifically the working time bracket. But let not this fool you! A profit company that aims at making great profits will be in need of industrious employees. No company will employ sloths.

Asking this kind of question brings out a notion leaning more towards a personality that is remiss. If this is what the company portrays of you, then forget about obtaining that position. Instead, ask about the organization’s operation during work days.

Therefore, keep the question of time to your memory and following the regular scheduling of work in a company, I’m sure you’ll follow through the schedule easily(if given the job of course)


3. Did I get the job?

When does one know that he/she has qualified for the job one longed to get? There are many ways of knowing if you’ve qualified for the job in any organization and the most prevalent of them is getting a call. Also, the interviewer(s), after the interview is over, will take some time gauging how the interviewees performed and later will inform you if you’re best for the position. An interviewee asking for it is certainly not one of them.

You will be seen as being edgy or too ready to start working.  Again, it will sound a bit awkward especially in such a situation where you’re new to the company and the organization has not established any sort of relationship with you. To correct that, ask something simple, completely indirect but related. ‘Does this company conduct regular recruitment regarding this position?’

A full disclosure of the possibility of the organisation hiring more people will be availed to you. And this will be in the detailed explanation in such a way that the probability of you getting that job will be clearly seen.

This article first appeared on http://www.capitalfm.co.ke/campus/3 questions first time job seekers should NOT ask during interviews








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